Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Jeff Koons

Koons has long been one of my favorite artists and has done some of my favorite pieces of art, one which we discussed in class today.
This is Jeff Koons' Balloon Dog. This, like other works of Koons is iconic of how he is able to take such low-class things like a child's balloon animal that not a whole lot of grown and educated people would want and making it into something that high-class, well educated, and wealthy people would long for.
This work is entitled Tulips. This picture shows the true magnitude of the size of these works. They would be completely overwhelming to see in person because of the vibrant colors and size and reflections off of this shiny stainless steel that Koons uses on these pieces.
This is an art car that Koons was given permission to design by BMW. He had been wanting to design his own art car for a while and was finally given the ok to go ahead on it around 2010 and completed it in about two months. He unveiled it in the same place that Lichtenstein unveiled his own art car in 1977, pictured below.
Roy Lichtenstein BMW art car
This is a BMW car designed by Roy Lichtenstein in 1977 that is part of a line of BMW art cars that Koons is a part of along with many other artists like A. R. Penck, Robert Rauschenberg and Andy Warhol.
This is another sculpture by Jeff Koons entitled Balloon Flower (Magenta). This Koons piece was sold in 2008 for over $25,000,000.

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