Thursday, July 11, 2013

Saint Luke by Master Theodoric (1360-1364)

This is Saint Luke by Master Theodoric (1360-1364) made on the upper section of wall in the Chapel of the Holy Cross in Karlstein Castle near Prague.  This is a representation of Saint Luke as represented by the ox on his right shoulder, the symbol traditionally connected with Saint Luke.  This painting with its lavish use of gold around Saint Luke is the only painting in the chapel’s collection that looks directly at the viewer.

Saint Luke is also known as Luke the Evangelist, one of the four evangelists that authored the chronicle of Jesus Christ. This painting gives the viewer subtle but powerful messages about the word of God.  The blue cloak, in many cultures, represents peace or warding off evil.  If you look at where Saint Luke’s heart is, the viewer will notice a cross, most likely representing that Saint Luke has God in his heart.  Finally Saint Luke speaks to the viewer by showing an open book.  This book is almost positivity a representation of the bible because the book leaves the frame of the painting representing that the word of God cannot be contained. This sends a powerful message to the viewer, because the man with God in his heart is looking at you and showing you the word of God telling the viewer to read, understand, and follow the teachings Bible.


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