Saturday, November 23, 2013

Church of Santa Prisca

Taxco Mexico


Church of Santa Prisca is an iconic building of Taxco, it was the tallest building in Mexico until 1806. José de la Borda, who grew rich off of a silver mine, contracted Cayetano de Sigüenza to design this church in order to repay God.

According to legend, during the church’s construction there was a horrible storm, during which it got so bad that construction workers kneeled and prayed for their safety. Santa Prisca appeared, holding the thunder in her hands in order to keep it from harming the workers. This legend is reflected in a painting that is located inside the temple.

This church is a great example of the Mexican Baroque. The facade has a Churrigueresque influence, and seems to have both plan style and elaborate ornamentation.  “It is built in pink stone, and its’ octagonal dome it covered in polychrome tiles”. The
central retable entrance is flanked by two bell towers that are plain style on the bottom and increase in ornamentation as you near the lanterns. Inside there are nine retables which are covered in gold leaf.


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