Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Hôtel de Matignon

Built: 1722-1724

Architect: Jean Courtonne

Interior Architect: Antoine Mazin

In 1722 Christian Louis de Montmorency-Luxembourg, Prince of Tingry, commissioned Jean Courtonne to build his mansion. The mansion proved to be more expensive than anticipated, and towards the latter part of construction the Prince was forced to sell the mansion due to financial deficiencies. The count of Thorigny, Jacques de Goyon de Matignon, purchased the estate as a gift to his son.

 Courtonne completed the structure and exterior facades before the new owner replaced him with Antoine Mazin. The new architect erected the porch and the “iconic double doors [which] open onto the semicircle court of honor.”

The interior decoration is the Rococo style with heavy ornamentation and rocaille. A large portion of the original decoration is still preserved.

During WWI the hotel ended up in the possession of the enemy. But in 1922 France bought back the property thanks to the Treaty of Versailles. It is now the home of the Prime Minister.


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