Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Robert Delaunay, Champ-de-Mars
Not only has the city become a character, but in particular the Eiffel tower. Delaunay used multiple perspectives, bringing them all into this one painting. It is very important because when the Eiffel tower was first built, everyone hated it, and now it is represented like it is as important as a “hero” in art, being the center of a piece of artwork.
I love this piece of art. I may be biased for I love the Eiffel tower, but the way that Delaunay painted was so interesting to me. There isn’t just one picture, it looks like there is so many pieces of art in this one work. That is because of his multiple perspectives but I love how he showed this. So many shapes and different things that catches the eye as you gaze at this wonderful painting.
He was influenced by Neo-Impressionism, but his Orphic style influenced others even including his wife. He also made his own contribution to Cubism with 2 of his paintings.

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