Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Large Blue Horses

Franz Marc The Large Blue Horses
I love the way that Marc paints these horses. The fact that he can make so much meaning come through in one painting astounds me. And the fact that the painting isn’t full of lots of detail but the different shades of blue brings across different meaning is so powerful here. The color in this painting was painted with a specifically symbolic meaning rather than just descriptive function. This color blue has a specific value with it, it was more about the emotional meaning than the symbolic meaning. The cool thing about this artwork was it was abstract and naturalistic. It was a picture of the way humans were conducting themselves was having an effect on animals. Suffering of animals because of human conduct. An interesting thing that may be good to add to the Cultural mechanism of this piece is the fact that this was the time of the German Expressionist Movement that Marc was apart of, and it was during the time of World War I which Marc helped in. He was used as what is called a camouflage pioneer. This was where artists painted camouflage for the Germans to hide the artillery. He was sadly killed during the war before they could take the artists to safety. This, to me, is a huge thing in his life more than any other piece of art in his day.

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