Monday, July 15, 2013

Perspective... That is All

As a mad scientist holds nothing above his work in astrophysics, it is said that Paolo Uccello loved his artwork, and more precisely linear perspective, more than his family. This isn't an exaggeration considering his collections of "The battle of San Romano". The collections presented the battles in a point of view as to glorify Florence by using white horses and bright lance like weapons capitalizing one side over the other.  Perspective was a bold tool or even a large blunt object used to bash the head of his audience and let them know how much he really favors its linear contrast. The strong focus on perspective takes away from balance, establishment of authority or even reasoning behind his works... but at least he has prospective.

In my opinion there is so much perspective it creates a strange point of view. It reminds me of Picasso in certain ways with the vibrant colors and almost 'cartoonish' patterns. The chaotic patterns and colors add to the idea of a battlefield, nothing is nice and neat.


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