Thursday, July 18, 2013

                                                  The Rape of Proserpina

In every great sculpture there lies a story. A tale known all to well that captures a single moment and captivates the viewers mind, simply because its amazing with what you can say through carvings on a rock. In Gianlorenzo Bernini's Rape of Proserpina you can almost hear the exasperated screams she yells. You can see the smug look on Pluto's face and almost here the cruel thoughts he has knowing that her screams can only be muffled through the walls. This sculpture is one fascinated by many not just because of the intense imagination that willingly comes toward the viewer, but because of the amount of emotion in just this single capture. If you look closely you can see the forced prints Pluto leaves on Proserpina's thigh as she struggles to leave. You can feel the pain that she felt. If you look even closer you can also see where Proserpina lifted Pluto's eyelid during her struggle. Its almost as if you're in that moment with the two of them. You can feel Pluto's dominant presence and his overbearing power over Proserpina. You can feel Proserpina's frustration, her sadness as she tries to escape such a dreadful situation. More importantly though, you can feel whats going on and anticipate what happens next from stone that captured a single moment.


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