Thursday, September 12, 2013

Rachel Ruysch- A Dutch Still-Life Painter

     With her grandfather being an architect, and her father a professor of anatomy, Rachel Ruysch studied under a still-life specialist known as Willem van Aelst from a young age.  The still-life that Ruysch focused on was demonstrating “the richness of nature and its exotic variety.” 
     The main importance of Still-Life was that it allowed the artists to show their true power. The idea of an artist taking multiple objects that would never exist together and arranging them in an effective way was a new way of development for artists.
     Some of Ruysch’s famous works include A Spray of FlowersFlowers in a Dutch Vase, and An Arrangement of Flowers by a Tree Trunk.  Each of these pieces exhibits how powerful Ruysch’s mind was in having the ability to paint bjects that would never been seek by the naked eye in the same arrangement.
 A Spray of Flowers

Flowers in a Dutch Vase 

An Arrangement of Flowers by a Tree Trunk


     For more Still-Life paintings by Ruysch click here

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