Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Life of Caravaggio

     Caravaggio, also known as Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, was one of the more influential painters on the Baroque period.  His work has been remembered for its "realistic style, sense of drama, emotion, theatrical quality, and strong contrast."  A technique called tenebrism defines his work, meaning that he utilized light v.s. in a dramatic way. Some of his style can be attributed to Simone Peterzano, whom he studied under in Milan.
     A famous piece by Caravaggio was the "David and Goliath".  Within this piece we begin to see, early on in his career, the stylistic elements that define him as a painter.  Throughout his career these elements become more drastic, as seen in "The Calling of Saints Peter and Andrew", and "The Annunciation".
     Although Caravaggio was a successful painter, with many patrons and commissions, he was also known for the trouble he got into, including a quick temper and drinking, as well as several brawls.  He fled to Rome in an attempt to get away from the mess he made of killing a man in 1606, but that still did not stop his troublesome ways.
     Today he is remembered for his dramatic painting style and for the large impact he had on the Baroque period.

For a short video about Caravaggio, click here

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