Thursday, November 7, 2013

Jean Luca von Hildebrandt

Even though known as the foil to Fischer von Erlach, Jean Luca von Hildebrant (1668-1745) was treat as a well and prestige architect. His career started a year later than Erlach's which is how Hildebrant was able to make his own idiom.

Hildebrant could be described as genial, wordly, temperamental figure. Despite his training as a military engineer, he was a designer and a decorator. Many asked for his assistance on designs for already plans or existing buildings. He as also known for the ribbon-work ornament to Austria. The Schönborns, the Harrache, and Prince Eugene were a few who consulted Hildebrant for his opinion in the decor for their country and suburban houses.

Upper Belvedere, viewed as the center piece of a building composition suitable for a hero, began construction in the 18th century. The palace was a summer residence for the general Prince Eugene of Savoy. The palace is known to hold very valuable collectibles for example pieces of Franz Anton Maulbertsch, who was a Austrian painter. The building is well-known as one of the most impressive monuments of Baroque architecture.

The Palace has different rooms which were decorated using Baroque and Rococo techniques.

The Sala Terrena

The Carlone Hall

 The Marble Hall

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