Friday, November 1, 2013

Salzburg Cathedral

Since 774 on the location there has always been a christian church, but there has been phases or remodeling done to the building. In 1181, the original began to be replace with a Romanesque structure which concluded in 1200. Later in 1598, the cathedral burnt down and and the Prince-Archbishop Wolf Dietrich decided to demolish the rest of the cathedral to then be able to make a bigger cathedral which could reaffirm the commitment Salzburg had to the Catholic faith during the Reformation. The cathedral contains 7 chapels along the sides of the aisles.

The interior has a sepia tone, with the white and bronze tones through out. The cathedral is grand beginning with the impressive entrance where the three bronze doors are located. and had many Baroque decor along the roof and walls. The coffer ceiling is ornamented with the Austrian baroque style. It is decorated with elaborate Baroque murals, some of which were designed (along with the altarpieces) by Mascagni of Florence.

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