Friday, March 29, 2013

Gate by Hans Hofmann (1959-1960)

Abstract, it definitely is with great implications of expressive emotions, but then again, what is it?

Dimensions of gates going inward and outward to create a perceptual understanding of other visions of understanding is the first thing that comes to my mind when I see the representation of the painting with its title.

With extensive research, I have found out a little bit about how Mr. Hofmann created a lot of his art. Looking at different images it seems no clearer to say that his art is mastered by the vibes of his environment.

Cathedral (1959)

There is a scientific approach to be seen through his art, and it is if the dimension is three dimensional. The big yellow rectangle over the middle is the flat platform. Right to the left of the yellow square is a high scent of olive green and grey rectangle that is the dimension going into the painting and under the red big square is the dimension going out towards us.

Now I can sit here and use my imagination to interpret this painting, but I will definitely fall beside the result if any result is to be found at all. It is sure that this painting is subject less as it is implied through Hofmann and his students.

As an end result, I found this very creative an interesting Droste effect, where the effect of image reappears within itself in a location where an analogous image would be expected to appear. *PLEASE CHECK SOURCE 4*


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