Sunday, March 24, 2013

Marc Chagall “I and the Village” 1911

Marc Chagall “I and the Village” 1911

This piece of artwork was influenced by the artists place of birth and his relationship to it. I like how it is painted like a dream. It is so abstract with many pictures just like I think our minds would look if we could put them on canvas. It is memories. This painting pulls the images from Chagall’s mind from his childhood and puts them on canvas, his emotional relationship with this place and putting it into a picture for us to see. Paintings don’t have laws like gravity or color or any of that, there is no mathematics to them and there is no limit, much like our minds. That is why I love this painting and the way it seems to just flow from memory to paint in one stroke. This painting was influenced by Eastern European folktale and culture, which is why it is kind of like a dream, or fairytale.

A great idea to present with this piece with another piece of art that we have already been over this semester, “The Large Blue Horses.”
This piece too makes me think of dream. Although they are different concepts, this one gives a great view of a place the artist may remember or he may miss. This, like the green faced man in the above painting, bring colors that would not originally be used for these objects. But it all has a reason behind it, it is just the mystery to find out why. Emotions, memories, it all contributes the same to art, it is just different because of what is in each artistis mind that makes the art differ. These were both written at the same time, so they could have influence over one another or they could be used to compare during this year when displayed.

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