Monday, September 30, 2013

Accents of the Rococo

Light hearted and intricate designs are what characterize the aura of the Rococo. Rococo is also referred to the "Late Baroque" and was very popular in France. The rococo was a response to the baroque regulations. The approach to rococo was more whimsical, florid and carefree.


The term Rococo is derived from the term rocaille which is expressed in the s or c shell-like forms in most of the works. These forms were very organic and were repeated to create the symmetry desired.


Furniture in the time had taken the role of demonstrating status. Furniture was also very versatile and since it was meant to have a lighthearted feeling, it would be changed from time to time for gathering to be held. It wasn't necessary to keep each piece of furniture anchored to the wall, it could be freestanding to further accentuate the atmosphere.


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