Saturday, October 5, 2013

Il Gesu Facade details

Building: Il Gesu
Architect: Giacomo della Porto
Location: Rome, Italy
Date: c. 1575

About the Facade:
It was the single more influential church constructed by the Jesuits. And it must be noted that the interior and exterior of the church were designed by two separate architects: Giacomo Barozzi da Vignola with the interior and Giacomo della Porto with the exterior. Although the architecture of this building does not seem Baroque, it is considered the start of baroque architecture. The facade is comprised of repeating triangular and semicircular pediments above doors, niches, and the overall structure. The top-most pediment being the largest and also "broken". It frames the papal coat of arms in the center. Underneath, it appears to be supported by eight Corinthian pilasters separating three bays. Large volutes flank each side of the second level. The first level also repeats these Corinthian pilasters but has two engaged columns framing the main entrance. Above it is a large cartouche with "IHS". The central part of the structure has an arched pediment surrounding a triangular pediment. Much of other Baroque structures take elements from Il Gesu and incorporate them into their design.

"Baroque and Rococo Art and Architecture" by Robert Neuman

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