Monday, November 11, 2013

Baroque in modern Graphic Designs

Not only are the baroque influences on buildings but also in modern graphics. The graphic designs below are few examples which today graphic designers have created. These graphics have baroque elements which influenced the designer to create the image. 

The graphics are ornate and have repeating motifs of flowers and swirls. 
The Baroque Style in the graphics allows the artist to create a bolder and richer graphic. Many of these graphics are advertisments of various concerts or 

Blackout by Steve Goodin is very ornate. The back ground of the image is influenced by the decor of baroque walls. 
Evolution by Nik Ainley is influenced by the sculpture which the era of baroque is characterized for. 

Mystic” that was inspired by baroque Eastern style statues and carvings.

Design is influenced by the Rococo designs during the baroque and rococo era.

Lightweight by Edmar Cisneros incorporated the sculpture and the leaves and ornate graphics which is influenced by baroque decor.

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