Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Baroque in Germany

The Baroque style arrive in Germany after the Thirty Years War, which ended in 1648. The German government began using this style for royal houses. The Zwinger palace in Dresden, was built in 1709 during the reign of Augustus the Strong. The baroque style is seen in the facade elements and through the interior decorations as well which are sometimes considered to be in the Rococo style. It was built by  Matthäus Daniel Pöppelmann and was used as the location for court festivals. The stairs at the entrance are another element that reoccurs throughout the baroque era. They are meant to portray the power of the emperor through the use of elevation.

The Charlottenburg Palace, located in Berlin, is another one of the palaces that demonstrates the baroque style of Germany. The construction began in 1695 and ended in 1713. It was commissioned by Sophie Charlotte, wife of Friedrich III. It was built in 2 1/2 stories and consisted of a central cupola in the courtyard. The plan, consisting of the central courtyard was in the model of the French. The courtyard consisted of a large formal garden.


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