Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Santa Prisca Church

Santa Prisca Church in Taxco, Mexico, was built after the discovery of silver. José de la Borda commissioned the construction of the church in thanks for the silver discovered on his property. The church was built between 1751 and1758. Santa Prisca was designed in the style of churrigueresque, a highly ornate style of Mexican baroque architecture.The retable facade also characterizes the church, with the distinctive solomonic columns, and statues of saints. The alter is like no other in the area. Several well-known Mexican artists contributed to the church’s interior decoration, including Cayetan de Siguenza, Isidoro Vincente de Balbas, Joseph de Alba, and the prolific Miguel Cabrera. 
"Today, Taxco de Alarcon remains a lively mining city, with the silver mine beneath the 250-year-old church still in operation. 
Santa Prisca, with its two stone towers, wide dome, and intricate finishes, is one of Mexico’s grandest and most beautiful churches. It is an exquisite example of the Churrigueresque style and the most prominent monument in Taxco de Alarcon, much loved by its congregants and the larger community. In 2001, Santa Prisca was included on Mexico’s tentative list for UNESCO World Heritage inscription."

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