Wednesday, August 14, 2013

As compaired to early European art, South Asian art conveys different rich and vibrant artistic styles. The Jahangir Preferring a Sufi Shaykh to Kings by Bichitr exemplify these standards. This painting created allegorical references though symbolic references. It was able to use a hierarchy of scale with the transition from the portrait to frontal view of prominent to not as prominent view points in the artists eyes. 

The archetacture of South Asia has to be the most amazing structure I have seen, not comparable to anything else. Temples of Shiva as Sundareshvara and the Meenakshi are shrines dedicated to Shiva and one to his consort Minakshi. As majestic as the areas archetecture is, the Taj Mahal conquers the rest. This structure is a monster. Its center dome has a diameter of 58 feet and 213 feet tall. The project took twenty years to make which spent 32 million rupees. THe structure follows a free standing construction technique where there are many free standing pieces that come together in one. 

Southeast Asian architecture also has a lot to offer. The presentation and high esteem for gardens amazes me. The persian garden concept is very structured and aligned. In what seems like a garden for the OCD to the ignorant eye is really a living and breathing representation of the spiritual beliefs of their culture. 

The Ivan from Isfahan is by far my favorite work of architecture. Its beautiful architecture and vibrant color catches the eye from its inticing and almost gravity defying structure.   


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