Thursday, August 15, 2013

My favorite artistic era would have to be modern art, more specifically art aimed at counteracting the destruction and lack of trust in government and society after the first World War. The efforts to combat the dazed and numb feelings broke off into two separate parts, one senseless and almost childish response and another extremely defined and regimented aspect of life. 

The first response was given the name of Dada, which can mean many different things in many different languages. One prominent Dada artist, Hugo Ball, wrote a series of almost meaningless words and phrases that sound like gobbly-goop when read out loud in a group. The actual text itself is a work of art because of the numerous fonts and sizes used. Its definitely not something I would buy for my collection, if I had one, but it is something to admire for the drastic changes from the previous eras.  Also in the same style bin was an artist by the name of Marcel Duchamp. His works more poked fun at what art was becoming with paintings like L.H.O.O.Q. which is his own code pronounced in french to mean "She has a hot ass". Of course this would be controversial to art critics if it were just a painting of a woman's behind but it wasn't just any woman, it was Mona Lisa herself. Duchamp's works also include a urinal signed incognito as R. Mutt and named it 'Fountain'.

The second form from this artistic era was a more structured form of art called De Stijl. It consisted of simply straight lines creating boxes, with black, white and primary colors. It was the most simple form of art because it could not be twisted by politics as everything around the artists had at the time. This form of art also inspired architecture like that found in the Schroder house.

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