Tuesday, August 13, 2013

                                                                    Mona Lisa 

In my many years of complex thinking, I've always wondered why the Mona Lisa was so famous. I understand that sometimes art isn't always famous for its beauty, but for the idea behind the beauty. Its just that no matter how hard I tried to think about it, there was nothing special or unique about this piece of art. Its just a simple painting. That's when I realized that maybe its the simplicity of this painting that is so mind blowing. If this woman was real she'd be ordinary, she'd be so average and typical that not very many people would put to much past her. She might have even been underestimated.Everything about this portrait is simple, even the smile this woman gives is not one of elated happiness but a simple gesture to be polite. Simplicity is often taken for granted so in a world so confusing and complex, anything simple can reach magnitudes. This painting is supposedly a portrait of a woman named Lisa del Giocondo. Lisa didn't live an extraordinary life. In fact she lived an ordinary life and was an average woman. The Mona Lisa really didn't even get the recognition it deserved until an Art Historian Giorgio Vasari. This painting teaches us that sometimes the most complicated things can be one of great complexity.




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