Monday, October 28, 2013

Il Gesù

Il Gesù is the mother church in Rome of the Jesuit order. The Jesuit order, founded by Ignatius of Loyola on August 15, 1534, is involved in educational, missionary, and charitable works. They were considered one of the most important factors for the Counter Reformation.

The church of Il Gesù is officially named Chiesa del Santissimo Nome di Gesù all'Argentina which translated into English means Church of the Most Holy Name of Jesus at the "Argentina". The plan designed by Giacomo da Vignola in 1568, is a Latin-cross-plan church with a single aisle with side chapels and a dome over the crossing of the nave and trancepts. 

The facade, designed by Giacomo della Porta, was added in 1575. It is divided into two sections. The lower section is divided by six pairs of pilasters with Corinthian capitals and the upper is divided with four pairs of pilasters. It also consists of a volute on each side. The facade is the "first true baroque facade" which served as a model for many of the Jesuit churches all of the world.

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