Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Types of Buildings in the French Baroque

In Baroque architecture in France, there were specific types of buildings which make up the architecture. Following the ancient decorum, the building types are:

Place royale
The hotel
The palace
The church

Each have a specific role in the the French urbanization community. The Place Royale is what we know today as a square but Henry IV had the intentions of encouraging commerce and also confirm the royal presence. The people of France used these locations for leisure and public events.

The Hotel was new residential housing in Pairs during the 17th century.
Hotel de la Vrillière, 1635, Pairs

The Chateau is the country house in France, located a distance from the urban city.
Chateau de Maisons, 1650, west of Pairs

The Palace was a symbol which confirmed the presence of the monarch.
Palace of Versailles, 1689, Versailles

The church was one the principle building types in France. 
Dome des Invalides, 1706, Pairs

These building types affected the communities in France, allowing more structured urbanization lead by the monarchs of the Baroque era in France. 

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