Sunday, March 31, 2013

Lohse Pure Elements Concentrated in Rhythmic Groups (1949-1956)

Richard Paul
Lohse Pure Elements Concentrated in Rhythmic Groups (1949-1956)

I love this painting because of the pattern. The artist was very good at painting something to catch the eye of the viewer. The different colors in the stripes make the eye look at the painting as a whole but also get entranced for it does not know what to focus on. These kind of painting either hurt my head or make me so interested I cannot look away. And that is a very big accomplishment. I also absolutely love the different color patterns in each square, while they are not defined, to my eyes the colors separate the painting into 9 different squares which reminds me of Andy Warhol’s work. His Marilyn Monroe picture is similar in that the color patterns change with each square. I think it would be so smart to set them up together for viewing to be able to compare and contrast these completely different pieces, but how they are also so similar.

I love Andy Warhol’s work, I once did an art piece of my own based off of this very painting and I think that this type of technique is very fascinating and would be wonderful placed with this one of Paul’s pieces.

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