Friday, April 5, 2013

Monument for Vladimir Tatlin by Dan Flavin (1966-1969)

An extra conceptual artist that really lightens up through his art is present for us today. 

Among Flavin’s work, there is an extensive use of electric light as an artistic expression, especially with mass industrially produced colored neon tubes or as we call them today fluorescent lights. It is hard determined to just simplify the symbolic significance of his work, but it is in of a relation to space, so it is in relation very close to minimalism.

This kind of contemporary art reflects many different aspects for me. There are answers for this instillation which I will include, but also I will talk about how I see this art.

As seen in the title, his work was dedicated to a special somebody, and that special somebody is avant garde artist and architect Vladimir Tatlin. 

With some research, I found that Mr. Tatlin has constructed a tower, a tower that was supposed to be the communist head quarter around the 1920s. The tower was never constructed due to fact that it was not buildable project. SOURCE 3 is a very interesting link describing the depiction made for the propaganda of communism.

The Monument to the Third International (1919) MODEL

Furthermore, it was in to nullify the Eiffel tower in Paris by height, shape, modernity, structure, and anything that belongs.

Back to the work, our artist Flavin admired Tatlin’s work and wanted to empower it through his own as a memoir for the Tatlin. It is expressed with technology (lights) and it is like he is trying to move through the spectra of time to show a relative “robotic” view of it.


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