Monday, April 1, 2013

500 Drawings by Sarah Stimson (2013)

Our artist here has a very selective taste of her environment. She was ready for a challenge in life that would expand her horizon to get here to where she is today.

She is the artist, so her drawings has a sentimental meaning and understanding to herself, and there is a clear line between her thought process and her execution, but as a viewer or critic, I can say as much as I wish about it, and it still wouldn't have any relevance for the artist.

The above picture is very metaphoric molecular forms constructed together to look as an assembling ball of matter. I find it interesting due to its simplicity and at the same time, complexity of understanding.

Incorporated in the exhibition was several self-portraits, and I must say that was the most interesting part of seeing her drawings, because several times in the artist's speech she mentions how she take different forms in the future. Personally, I think they resemble other important people in our history, and I am not sure if I am a loner in this content. 

This is just what I think of when I see her portraits, I think of very inspirational people that roles are taken off, but I might be wrong. I just think that it is a very smart and sophisticated way of expressing who you are.

This little one right here is by use of more material which could be understood as more creative leisure, but on the other hand, I think it is her way of collaging the impact of the drawings.

Grief, deep deep grief
More grief

These titles are not the original titles of the drawings, but yet the first thought that comes to my mind of how the artist is trying to send her message to the viewer. I think it is a very inspirational way to express her strong emotions her surroundings and her accomplishment, and I can see a valuable transition for the artist if given the right means and tools for 'free' leisure.

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