Monday, April 1, 2013

Hidden Meanings

2/25/13: Hidden Meanings

Synchromy in Orange: To Form, Morgan Russell

                As the title suggests, the work is a study in synchromy, or how color and sound are blended in art.  The style is a pure abstract style of painting that does not contain directly figurative forms, so in this work, the viewer has to view using his senses to divine the hidden shapes in the painting.  So, secret revealed: It’s a man.  What’s cool is that once you realize and notice it, you see how the patterns of color and shapes move and how they move forward. Each of these patterns of shapes and colors form their own shapes and outline the main picture, almost as if the artist is using a form of negative space.  This is one of the stylistic choices that Russell used that sets many of his works apart from other artists who shared a similar style.  What has been suggested is that the man in the painting is representative of the subject in one of Michangelo’s famous sculptures, Dying Slave.  Russell often liked recreating it and it stands to reason that when experimenting with new forms of painting he might use a familiar subject like it. 

About “Dying Slave”:

A Short History on Synchromism:

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