Monday, April 1, 2013

Sarah Stimson Lecture

Sarah's presentation about her own art was very inspiring in that we don't usually get to hear what the artists think about their work  or what they were thinking while they were making it. We can interpret the paintings and drawings and infer as to what they were thinking while they were making the art, but to be able to actually listen to an artist critique their own work is a very unique and awe-inspiring opportunity. 
One of her  paintings caught my attention and I thought that it was interesting to me how she saw herself and painted herself in one of her self-portraits. It made me think of some of the other artists who have made self-portraits and what they were thinking of themselves when they made them. Were they painting themselves as they saw themselves or were they painting themselves as they perceived other people saw them?
This was the painting that looks closest the drawing she made of Van Gogh's self-portrait in her second trial at the 500 drawings.
This sequence of drawings is from another artists whose name is Matteo who also did the 500 drawings in one sitting. It interests me the things that he draws in comparison to Sarah while in this process. What state of mind was he in? Where were these drawings in the sequence of all 500 drawings that he did and what do these represent?
Self-Portrait - Pablo Picasso
This is another self-portrait, this time of Pablo Picasso. Again, it intrigues me the way that people often paint or draw themselves in ways that others would not usually easily recognize them if they were asked who the painting looked like. 

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