Friday, April 5, 2013

Andy Worhol

I may be wrong, but I believe that Andy Worhol may be the most popular artist among our generation. Most popular in way that I'm sure the majority of the people know his name and have seen at least two of his paintings. I believe this is the case because he did a lot of work that dealt with Marilyn Monroe and as of the past ten years her popularity among the up coming generations spiked. Also, shows like "MTV" often have art work in the backgrounds that use his technique of the same photo in multiple phrases in different colors.

His popularity among my generation I'm sure is due to the fact that he was an American artist and the leader in the movement of Pop Art. This movement centered around relevant materials of the time. Collages were popular in the Pop Art movement for it gave the artists a way to put together some what of a shrine of what was happening in the world at that moment. 
Another notorious work of Andy Worhol is Cambell"s Soup Cans which was completed in 1962. In this work he is referring to the commercialization of America at the time with everything becoming manufactured and mainstream. This is also why he arranges the cans in perfect symmetrical lines possibly alluding to an assembly line. 

As I had pointed out in an earlier post about the tragic artist, Andy Worhol only lived to be 58 years old which is a lot younger than the other artists that have been in my blog. Makes me wonder if the tragic artist popularity paradox struck Worhol as well. 

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