Monday, April 22, 2013

Flag for the Moon: Die N***er by Faith Ringgold (1969)

Without help of noticing or even trying, I believe every readers actually reading the title of this blog knows what the stars in the word entails. I refuse to express the saying, and be a part of the wagon, but I am here to project upon you, groundbreaking work from a very talented artist.

Throughout her art, there is a conveying message to be found that implies to the better understanding of the equilibrium between black and white, and from my own understanding I can see how brilliantly the artist directed her focus of 'studies' if you will towards children, because she sees how it can influence and have a longer lasting effect.

A very strong social activist in the 1960's was the thing to be. Sadly said, but true. With great oppression and civil right activation.  the American government was still in strong commitment to send a shuttle to space to lay feet on the moon before Russia could have the chance.

This flag looks quite familiar when looked upon shortly, but the white is blacked out to express a thought that says that black people is also a part of America, and they have become children on this nation as well. Behind the blue, and in the red of the painting is a "hidden" message to the reader that ultimately takes this representation on top of any movement for equal rights. The message can not be more vulgar, and looking at that today has not changed a lot.

It has been over 40 years, and there is still a persistent unconscious and conscious bias for people of color. Regardless of the political statement that the artist is conveying to the viewer, it would seem to be understood today that the fight for equal rights and liberty is still persistent.



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