Saturday, April 27, 2013

Malcolm X and the slaughterhouse by Sue Coe (1985)

Our artist at hand has developed numerous interests during her life that involved injustice of both animals and humans. She is a very critical artist that constantly advocated social awareness through her art.

The social conditions we live in are hidden behind the media, and we are unaware to be fully knowledgeable about what is going on around us. Sue Coe has an unstoppable method of creating that spark for closure about the environment; with a specific emphasis on animals.

Throughout her career she is bringing social awareness around how we treat animal in the slaughterhouse, and not to mention how they are treated in general before and after death.

She gives the animal a speaking voice, a soul that extracts through her art. In this specific painting, Malcolm X, is incorporated. Personally, I think it is a wide open space for interpretation.

Malcolm X was a civil rights activist for humans, or more specifically for African Americans during his time (not to mention the continuity of hatred today), but our artist, Sue  Coe, is trying to MAYBE trying to emphasize the strong political message that is missing when it comes to animals through the hardship and pain of Malcolm X. 

Just like Malcolm X was assassinated and just like his aftereffect sweeps the world today, we are dealing with the same issue in regards to the animals that we see getting killed every day. A lot of it is pure waste and animal cruelty, and in general, I think it is the message that our artist is trying to convey. 

Please explore link #2 to see the graphic calculator that counts dead animals since the moment you enter the website. Moreover, I will include a recent work of Sue Coe that will imply her concern of where we are taking the world to. An End.

Sold by Sue Coe (2010)


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