Saturday, April 27, 2013

Untitled (portrait of Ross in L.A.) by Felix-Gonzalez-Torres (1991)

As a candy lover, a very happy feeling arouses when one sees 175 pounds of candy. Moreover, it is even encouraging to take from the pile.

Nevertheless, behind every piece there is a meaning. This time around it is the initial body weight of partner, and artist Ross Laycock whom died to AIDS complications in 1991.

Ross Laycock

Personally, my first thought was that this is really disturbing, and so cruel, but I understood that the meaning the work was misinterpreted. People with HIV that develops to AIDS goes through severe weight loss and they end up to nothing near death.

Our artist at hand is sending the image of love and loss, where he encourages people to take a piece of candy. I interpret it as if he is putting the sole of Laycock in the viewer’s perception. It is like transferring his soul to other, and letting his spirit live.

Many conspiracies is revolved around the notion of AIDS, and why there isn’t any potential cure yet, and I would say that there is a potential cure out there, but it is probably being promoted as too expensive or too rigid.

Not only is the artist bringing his companion into the light, but also he is creating social awareness among people to tell them what is going on the world.

Please see this letter from Felix-Gonzalez-Torres to Ross Laycock


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