Thursday, March 21, 2013

Edward Munch's Odd Success

Edvard Munch
Madonna (Conception)
color lithograph
23 3/4” x 17 3/8”

One thing that Edward Munch is able to do with his art is tight rope the line between creepy and approchable. His bold colors and subject choices could easily portray a sense of madness which could have been cause to run many artists into the ground. However munch is able to pull off his works and make them accessible to an audience beyond those living outside of the spectrum of what societal standards have historically qualified as crazy. He does this by making his art reflect insanity and doubt on life but instead of in a way that encourages insanity or rash acts, he instead takes a more existentialist  stand on the questions of life. His subjects experience emotions without any obvious repentance for them. By conveying an experience rather than an opinion, Munch can bring out the emotional triggers in viewers of his works from all walks of life. The extent of emotional turmoil may be subjective, but every person experiences a range of emotions throughout each day of their life, sometimes varying in extremes even by the hour. Therefore, depression or insanity does not act as a hinderance for Munch, but instead a catalyst for art which encourages thought and reflection. As a result, Munch's works tell more about the reflections of the person viewing and experiencing them, than their creator.

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