Monday, March 18, 2013

Page Boy at Maxim's

Chaim Soutine was a Russian artist from 1894-1943. Soutine was a individualist Expressionist painter who was part of the group called Les Mandits. Les Mandits is translated to "The Damned" and they were called this because they are viewed as the cursed painters who lived the stereotypical Bohemian artist lifestyle.

With his work Page Boy at Maxim's  and Woman in Red  Soutine use abstract techniques to overemphasize or distort the sitter's appearance in accordance his own emotion. In the Page Boy at Maxim's the sitter is represented from Soutine personal experience. The sitter had asked for a tip and it angered Soutine because he had no money and that the page boy was actually above Soutine in society for he actually had a job. And for this the slight distortion of the sitters facial expression and poster are depicted as above. This can be related back to Freud's theory of projection and altercations of the id,ego, and superego.

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