Monday, March 18, 2013

George Braque Houses at L’Estoque

George Braque Houses at L’Estoque
Houses at L'Estroqu is a 1908 oil painting by George Braque.  Many people believe it is the first Cubist landscape although some would say it is pre-Cubist.  For me,  the picture is a little dark, doesn't excite me and seems to have a sense of uniformity.  All the houses are in an area with some trees and although they may not be exactly alike,  there isn't much individuality or beauty involved.  In fact, it looks like a lot of cardboard boxes and I don't really understand the critical acclaim of this movement.  Although I believe Paul Cezanne had more talent,  he could have been an inspiration to George Braque in this work.  They both lived in L'Estoque and many of Cezanne's paintings, such as Pyramid of Skulls,  seem to have the same color scheme as this painting.   He was also said to have an great interest in painting with naturally occurring geometric forms which is obvious in this "cubistic" painting by Braque.

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