Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Poke at Pop

4/5: Marcel Broodthaers, La Tour Visuelle

                This work exemplifies the style of Pop Art culture that pervaded the 60’s while also making an interesting point about society as a whole.  Using commonplace items such as glass jars, wooden discs, and magazine reproductions of eyes, Bloodthaers created a work that was much in the spirit and style of artists in that day, but used his creation to point out something completely different.  The artist himself was against commercialism and what was considered either traditional or fashionable in the art community at the time.   Much of his ideals were inspired by the Dadaists, who rejected the atrocities of World War 1.  Much in the spirit of the Dada movement, which was to reject, Broodthaers is rejecting the Pop Culture works put forth at the time.  Looking at the work, we can see that the eyes face all directions; there is virtually nowhere to look where the eyes are not watching.  The artist seems to be pointing at consumerism and pop culture, saying that the direction culture is going will leave no secrets and might be impossible to escape.  This work seemed to be aimed specifically at the New Realists, who argued that consciousness is not physically identical to the nervous system.  By creating something that was made almost exclusively of fake eyes, it’s like he’s jabbing a needle at the movement, mocking them for their so-called high ideals of thought. 

Broodthaers comments on cinema:

A critique of New Realism:

A little more on Dadaism:


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