Sunday, April 7, 2013

John Minton, Lucian Freud

John Minton, Lucian Freud

I really like seeing portraits of faces that artists do. I love to see how each artist draws and paints faces, because they are always so different but so detailed. The human face catches my eye like no other in painting. I love this one, it is drawn in such a way that makes the face look oddly shaped but it keeps you staring. There is something in his eyes that he is looking at or thinking about but it is a mystery. I love when art goes so deep it is mysterious. That is mind blowing.

 Soviet-Era Art, M.J.V. Stalin By Johannes Saal, 1952, Art Museum of Estonia, Tallinn, Estonia Photographic Print 

This style of painting was expressionism, and I like that type f art. It was finished in 1952 and I think it would do great if dispayled with the painting M.J.V. Stalin By Johannes Saal, because it is another portrait painting and I think it would do good to contrast 2 artists style of painting, especially from the same year. This will give the looker something else to compare this piece with, seeing what other artists were painting in the same way around this time.

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