Monday, April 8, 2013

Sarah Stimson's presentation

When I first arrived at A&M, I left after one semester because after being in art programs my entire life, I felt deprived of an art community in the BCS area. Sarah Stimson's presentation was interesting to me because it made me realize that there are creative minds here, they just may be hard to find. Stimson's work was comprised of 500 drawings that she did and put together they create a story outlining her thoughts and at times reflect the struggle that she faced for inspiration. I can relate to this collection on a number of levels. Firstly, throughout my life I have been a "doodler", in every class, every day I draw different pictures whether the pictures are related to the coursework, dwindling thoughts I am fiddling with, or bold headlines for the lecture, I consistently draw in class. Even my professors have taken note. (Most have no problem with it, and in fact find it interesting) After seeing Stimson's collection and idea for her art, it made me realize the potential value of what I put down every day. Maybe my works when looked at through an artistic lens could be of a greater creative value than I have given them credit for. Furthermore, I can also relate to the struggle and existential questioning in the process of creating art. Without inspiration, art can be very difficult to create without being forced. Luckily, Stimson had drawing as her central premise for her art so some form of inspiration was inherent. 

I was reminded further within her art of  Klari Reis's The Daily Dish  project, where she creates a new design in a petri dish every day, forming a collection of different creations that like Stimson's work as a collective whole form a piece much greater than any alone. 

Also, after looking more into the community of art here, I have found a few sources to look into within the area. The Brazos Valley Art League has a center near Wolf Pen Creek which has many sculptures and paintings on display. More information is on their website, 

Additionally there is a Brazos Valley Arts Council, which organizes fairs, dinners, and the like in an attempt to bring together the creative community in the area. They also have a website at

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