Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sarah Stimson 500 ( X2)

We had a gust lecture presented by Sarah Stimson in which she talked about her recent work in creating her second 500. Her task was to produce 500 works in one sitting where she could use basically any media or supplies she wanted. She said that "it makes you dig deep where you begin to draw thing that you were unaware was in you. It was very interesting to hear from a working artist firsthand. Being a psychology major i found it very interesting that she seemed to not have any filters or tried to hide anything. Her emotions and personality was exposed before us. Which now after taking this class and listening to her presentation, I believe most artists are. They would have to be. To be able to produce works of art that let viewers into there world via canvas, one's emotions must not be a filter or hold them back. Sarah seemed to disregard any social norms and accused of everybody as being fake and walking around with personas, which I somewhat agree. Everybody is so caught up in making impressions in order to build connections that even in close friendships one's true self seldom arises. Also interesting, Sarah seemed to project herself into a figure of one of her favored artist's sitters "Wally". At first it struck me as odd, almost obsessive, but then I figured that everybody identifies with somebody or something, it makes sense that an artist would identify themselves with a prominent art figure.

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