Friday, April 12, 2013

Duane Hanson was an artist who took part in the art movement called Photorealism and Superrealsim. He made many sculptures like the one above, which is entitled Tourists. These life-like sculptures are life-size and look amazingly realistic. Artists who took part in this movement were trying to paint, sculpt, or draw an image how it would have looked in a photograph or give the art some sort of super power that made it defy gravity or defy the laws of physics.
The ideas of photorealism and superrealism made me think of the way some artists now have the ability to made life-like drawings out of chalk on sidewalk.
This artist's name is Edgar Mueller. He began making pieces of art like this one called Mysterious Cave when he was around the age of twenty-five and has made a living off of it since.
Julian Beever is the artist who created this work entitled Self Portrait. This reminded me most of the work that Duane Hanson did because Beever has made a person look very much life-like and very much alive.
This oil painting was done by Ralph Goings around 1981-1982. It is another example of photorealism and how talented these artists are in that they are able to paint a scene exactly how it appears in a photo and in real life.
Ruben Belloso Adorna is a photorealistic artist from Spain who works with pastels.
This is one of Adorna's paintings and the man that was the inspiration for this work of art.

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