Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Nancy Holt

Nancy Holt's Sun Tunnels in which the movement of the sun over the concrete tunnels creates the art. Without the sunshine shining through the holes Holt created, there would be no purpose to this piece of art. The way the sun shines through said holes creates a lookalike of constellations in the night sky.

Here is a look inside one of these tunnels as the sun is shining through it.
This picture shows the massive size and the placement of the concrete tunnels. This reminded me of Stonehenge and the fact that the sun plays a crucial role in the success of the piece of art.
Here, we see Stonehenge in all of its glory with the sun playing its own part in the creation of this masterpiece.
This is another of Nancy Holt's peces of art entitled Views Through a Sand Dune that she created in 1972 in Rhode Island. At this time, artists like Nancy Holt were trying to aim art away from industrialized society and from traditional views of art. Art doesn't have to be on canvas in a gallery or a studio. These artists brought their art to nature and involved nature in the process f making the art come alive.
This scultpure was made by Alice Aycock in 1973 entitled Low Building with Dirt Roof (For Mary).  Alice Aycock is another female artist who was working with and in nature and the enviroment.
This work by Audrey Hemenway, made around 1977-1978 is entitled Garden Web. It resembles a spider web in nature that is built around trees or in a bush. But this sculpture was produced by human hands and in a garden that was also produced by human hands. The bottom of the picture shows the sculpture as the plants in the garden have grown and covered the majority of the sculpture. This is yet another example of enabling nature to take part in the creation of our art.

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