Sunday, April 7, 2013

Unending Spirit

4/3: Frank Lloyd Wright, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

  This work represents the height of architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s delving into sculpture as a form of architecture.  Originally, the building comes from Solomon R. Guggenheim, who began collecting nonobjective works of art that he intended to display to the public.  The collection grew so large that he commissioned Wright to make a museum so that he could display the works.  The museum itself took Wright over 15 years as well as over 700 drawings to complete.  The building wasn’t even actually completed in his lifetime, as its first day open to the public was six months after his death, and 10 years after Guggenheim’s.  The museum itself polarize architects, as some claimed that the building itself overshadowed the art inside, while others wondered why such amazing art could be displayed in such a hideous building.  The building was designed with the thought of a “Temple of the Spirit”, as seen in certain aspects of the building: Namely, the white bands that stretch around the building and around the 5th avenue façade, which serve to emphasize harmony and seamless unity.  Overall, Wright thought that architecture should be expressive of movement, and so his building reflected unbroken motion both within and without.

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