Monday, December 9, 2013

Church of the Society of Jesus

The Church of the Society of Jesus is located in Quito, Ecuador.  This church is well known for its large central nave which is decorated in gold leaf, gilded plaster and wood carvings.  Being inspired by two Roman Jesuit churches, it is one of the most significant works of Spanish Baroque architecture located in South America.  
The floor plan creates a Latin cross, consisting of central, northern, and southern arms.  It also has the traditional nave, transept, crossing, sacristy and chapel.  The facade was carved entirely out of Ecuadorian andesite stone by Venancio Gandolfi, finished in .
File:La Compañía en Quito Ecuador.JPG
Interior of La Compania with gold leaf finish

File:La Compañía, Quito - 5.jpg
High altar of La Compania

File:Iglesia La Compania, Quito, Ecuador.JPG
La Compania

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