Monday, December 9, 2013

Norfolk House in St. Jame's Square

Norfolk House is in far right of St. Jame's Square
This building was constructed in 1722 for the Duke of Norfolk, and remained under the ownership of the Dukes of Norfolk until 1938 when it became an office building. This royal residence turned office served as location for many senior officers during the Second World War. Today, two plaques on the exterior offer acknowledgement for its role during the war.

The interior was fully refitted to fit the purposes of all the offices but before completely tearing it down, some of the interior rooms were relocated such as the Music Room designed by Giovanni Battista Borra.

The Norfolk House Music Room, now on display in the British Galleries, contains the same paneling and the doorways as the original room did. It was located in the North West corner of the royal residence which took up the whole first floor. Strong French influence is evident in the decorations.


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