Monday, December 9, 2013

Palace Church

Palace Church was designed by Jose Benito de Churriguera (1665-1725).  Jose Benito de Churriguera was a Spanish architect and sculptor of the Late-Baroque to Rococo style. Churriguera has a specific style on his facade designs that have been described as obsessive.  This style description has led to the word churrigueresque and has been influenced by high decorations of Moorish architecture.  Jose Benito de Churriguera, along with his two brothers Joaquin and Alberto, were seen as leading architects of the time.
Palacio de Nuevo Baztán.jpg
Palace Church
The Palace Church is located in Madrid, Spain and is a palace linked with a church.  This church's interior is a prime example of Jose Benito de Churriguera's churrigueresque style.  The palace is associated with the Goyeneche family.

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