Monday, December 9, 2013

Sao Francisco Church and Convent

The Sao Francisco Church and Convent is located in Salvador and is a very important colonial monument in Brazil.  The Friars that began this church started in 1587, but it was destroyed during the Dutch invasions of Bahia in the early 17th century.  Father Vincente das Chagas began the new convent in 1686.  The church took decades to build and was finished by 1755.

Sao Francisco Church

The nave of this church stands out among other Northeast Brazil churches because it has three aisles, whereas most only have one.  Three lateral chapels are located on each of these aisles.  The floor plan of the Sao Francisco Church and Convent are influenced by  the Sao Francisco Church of Oporto.  The main facade had influence of Mannerist architecture.  It has three portals, two flanking towers, and elaborate volutes.
Nave of the church

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