Monday, December 9, 2013

San Roque Church

The San Roque Church is located in Lisbon, and was the earliest Jesuit church in Portugal. This church served as the home church in Portugal for over 200 years, before the Jesuits were expelled. In 1755 there was a terrible earthquake in Lisbon, but the San Roque Church was one of the few buildings to survive with minor damages. 
Decor within the church reflected both the Society of Jesus and the respective brotherhoods or confraternities.  The church began as ideas of the Catholic Reformation, but then began to respond to the efforts of the Church gaining the attention of the faithful. The decor of the church ranged from Mannerist, to Baroque, to Roman Baroque.  

Some decor elements include:
Interior of San Roque Church
Chapel of the Most Holy Sacrament


Ceiling Medallion

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