Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sean Scully

Sean Scully's work that we looked at in class today stuck with me because out of most other artists and pieces of art that we've discussed throughout the semester, I would actually put the pieces he makes in my own house. 
File:Sean Scully - Raval Rojo - 2004.jpg
This piece is called Raval Rojo and was made around 2004. 
Wall of Light, Alba by Sean Scully made in 2001. 
Raphael, by Sean Scully, 2004.
This is another painting in the Wall of Light series. 
Scully's use of colors and patterns is what draws me into his works. His paintings are so much like my own aesthetics, I would absolutely love to own one. In my opinion, they're calming, they're comforting, and they're just something I could look at day after day in my own house. 

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