Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Judy Chicago

Judy Chicago's work A Dinner Party Celebrating Women was created in 1979 and represents the feminist artwork movement. First off I love this piece, LOVE! I've always sort of described myself as a feminist, not because I've picketed for any female rights group or anything but because I believe in the three basic feminist ideas: 1) I believe women should be allowed to own property 2) I believe women should be paid the same amount as our male counterparts 3) women should have the right to vote. Anyway, I love Judy Chicago's A Dinner Party Celebrating Women because it is a piece dedicated to educating viewers about women's role in history and the fine arts. The work is comprised of 39 place sets, arranged in a triangle formation (symbol for both women and goddess), and another 999 names of important historical women written on the triangle's platform.The coolest part of Chicago's installation is the place settings of the 39 women; each of the 39 "honored guests" had place settings with plates decorated with a vagina that represented either the personality or the importance of their historical contribution.

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